Here are some links to sites I find worthy of having on my site as a news feed of interesting and relevant articles.  I hope you'll find them useful too. You might also have a look at my slowly growing book list for more info.

IF YOU STRUGGLE WITH BEING GAY (or love someone who is)

Beyond Ex Gay An excellent site for those who have tried to change their sexual orientation, either by choice or by force.

Can My Gay Child Change? For parents of gay children

Gay and Christian?? Is it possible to be gay and Christian?

Gay Christian 101 The basics for gay Christians

Straight Spouse Network This site is for couples of one straight and one gay/queer.

COLAGE Resources for children of lesbian and gay parents

God Made Me Gay An excellent letter addressing homosexuality and the Bible



211 Info This is a great resource. You can dial 211 on your phone, or go to their website.

Aunt Bertha Are you or someone you care about looking for a little help making ends meet? Aunt Bertha picks up where Uncle Sam leaves off by making it easy to find food, health, housing and education programs.

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BiRadical Love, rage and pride. A blog for all things Bi.

Bisexual Resource Center

Bisexual Invisibility A report from the San Francisco LGBT Rights Commission

Coming Out: Realizing Bisexuality in a Straight World


Empty Closets A nice site with coming out info

AVERT What does it mean to come out?

Am I Gay? Can You Stop Being Gay?

Sex Help From the Gay Sexpert  Help from Jallen Rix, the only sexologist I've ever met, and a great guy!


Baggage Reclaim (help after a breakup)

Daily Strength (online support groups)

How's Your Relationship? An assessment from John Gottman.

Are You Stressed Out? Take this test and see!


iPhone apps by the Gottman Institute to help your relationships, for both romantic and other types of relationships.

T2 Mood Tracker  Helpful for keeping track of how your moods vary from day to day

PTSD Coach Developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs for soldiers, but it's useful for us civilians too!

Breathe2Relax Very helpful for anxiety.

EVA and EVA-M Apps for both iOS and Android that help with voice training for those who are FTM and MTF.


WPATH World Professional Association for Transgender Health, focused on education and advocacy for transgender health

Laura's Playground Laura's Playground is the only Personal Support Site source for transsexuals, transgender and crossdressers We offer Forums, Email and Live Chat support.

Brave Space A Portland agency focused on community and services for the transgender community

Transgender Living Everything you need to live happy, healthy and free.

TransActive  TransActive Gender Center provides a holistic range of services and expertise to empower transgender and gender nonconforming children, youth and their families in living healthy lives, free of discrimination.

Outside In  Outside In is a social service agency in Portland, Oregon working to address the changing needs of homeless youth and other low-income and marginalized people.

TransMentors TransMentors International is a non-profit organization which provides aid, support and assistance to Trans-identified individuals.

TransFaith Network The TransFaith Network is social networking community dedicated to supporting transgender and gender non-conforming folks in our pursuit of health and wholeness by nurturing the expression of diverse, gender-affirming spiritual vitality.

Susan's Place A support resource for the transgender community. A wealth of information, articles, links, site ratings & reviews, message boards, and chat.

Tips for Transgender Allies Tips for those who wish to be a better ally for the transgender community.

Exceptional Voice An excellent resource for MTF and FTM persons for voice training via an iOS or Android app