About My Move


Yes, I'm moving!

I am, with heavy heart, moving to Virginia. My father is not doing well, and I have exhausted all options to make sure he is safe while I’m still living here, so I have to move there to care for him. There is the possibility that I will be able to see some Oregon clients through secure videoconferencing, but I don’t have that information just yet.

Finding a therapist is hard and I know it can seem overwhelming knowing where to start. I’d suggest looking at some websites to get a feel for who the person is. Read what they say about their practice, and about who they are as a person. Therapists are people too, and are not interchangeable. Then pick a couple or a few and schedule a consultation. See how you feel when you’re in their presence-make sure you are comfortable, and if you’re not, try someone else.

I hope to come back, but it likely won't be for probably 5 years. I will be missing the wonderful Pacific Northwest!